A Microcomputer Interactive Graphics Software for Design of Steel Trusses

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Current advances in microcomputer technology provide the tools to use interactive graphics in the development of efficient computer programs. The use of computer graphics facilitates the definition of complicated engineering models, and permits a clear display of the results. In this paper, an educational microcomputer software package, TRUSS‐AD, is described to demonstrate the effectiveness of applying interactive computer graphics in solving structural engineering design problems. TRUSS‐AD allows the user to: (1) define a truss geometry and loading conditions graphically; (2) analyze and design the truss in an interactive mode; and (3) display all results in a concise and clear graphical representation. The stiffness method is used in the analysis process. The design can be performed by using either the “Load and Resistance Factor Design” or the “Allowable Stress Design” methods. The software is written using the basic language for IBM or compatible personal computers. Copyright © 1989, Wiley Blackwell. All rights reserved

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Computer‐Aided Civil and Infrastructure Engineering