Constant-modulus partially correlated signal design for uniform linear and rectangular MIMO radar arrays

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Conference Proceeding

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A method for generating partially correlated signals that result in arbitrary rectangular transmit beampatterns in a MIMO radar system is described. These signals are computed using frequency-offset complex exponentials (1-D) or Kronecker products of frequency-offset complex exponentials (2-D), followed by pointwise multiplication of the transmit signal vectors by a scalar pseudo-noise spreading sequence. Except for the spreading sequence, which can be pre-computed, the signals are given in closed form and thus require no numerical optimization. The transmit beampattern shape is controlled by one scalar parameter in 1-D and two scalar parameters in 2-D. The transmit beam-pattern is the convolution of a rectangle with a sinc-squared function in 1-D, and the separable product of such functions in 2-D. The signals are constant-modulus, have desirable temporal autocorrelation properties, and are simple to compute. ©2009 IEEE.

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2009 International Waveform Diversity and Design Conference Proceedings, WDD 2009