Synthesizing parameterized self-stabilizing rings with constant-space processes

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Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering; Center for Scalable Architectures and Systems


This paper investigates the problem of synthesizing parameterized rings that are “self-stabilizing by construction”. While it is known that the verification of self-stabilization for parameterized unidirectional rings is undecidable, we present a counterintuitive result that synthesizing such systems is decidable! This is surprising because it is known that, in general, the synthesis of distributed systems is harder than their verification. We also show that synthesizing self-stabilizing bidirectional rings is an undecidable problem. To prove the decidability of synthesis for unidirectional rings, we propose a sound and complete algorithm that performs the synthesis in the local state space of processes. We also generate strongly stabilizing rings where no fairness assumption is made. This is particularly noteworthy because most existing verification and synthesis methods for parameterized systems assume a fair scheduler.

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International Conference on Fundamentals of Software Engineering