Multiresonant Feedback Control of a Three-Degree-of-Freedom Wave Energy Converter

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© 2010-2012 IEEE. For a three-degree-of-freedom wave energy converter (heave, pitch, and surge), the equations of motion could be coupled depending on the buoy shape. This paper presents a multiresonant feedback control, in a general framework, for this type of a wave energy converter that is modeled by linear time invariant dynamic systems. The proposed control strategy finds the optimal control in the sense that it computes the control based on the complex conjugate criteria. This control strategy is relatively easy to implement since it is a feedback control in the time domain that requires only measurements of the buoy motion. Numerical tests are presented for two different buoy shapes: a sphere and a cylinder. Regular, Bretschnieder, and Ochi-Hubble waves are tested. Simulation results show that the proposed controller harvests energy in the pitch-surge-heave modes that is about three times the energy that can be harvested using a heave-only device. This multiresonant control can also be used to shift the energy harvesting between the coupled modes, which can be exploited to eliminate one of the actuators while maintaining about the same level of energy harvesting.

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IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy