Thévenin Equivalent of Voltage-Source Converters for DC Fault Studies

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© 2015 IEEE. This paper presents a simple modulation index-dependent Thévenin equivalent circuit model of the voltage-source converters (VSCs) and the associated anti-parallel diode rectifier. The model derivation uses orthogonal transformation and a transformer analogy to transfer impedances to the dc side of the converter. The paper proposes a switched equivalent representation of a three-phase diode rectifier formed due to the antiparallel diodes when VSC switching is inhibited. The proposed model is implemented in Alternate Transients Program-Electromagnetic Transients Program and simulation results are compared with the switched model. The proposed model is shown to under predict the fault currents for pole-ground (PG) faults and to provide a nearly exact match for pole-pole faults. The rectifier equivalent provides increased accuracy in the transient region with the inclusion of the source inductance. A multiterminal dc (MTDC) system model is used to study effects of aggregation which gives increased accuracy of the equivalent circuit. It is shown that the MTDC system simulation with the proposed Thévenin equivalent is about 3 times faster than full-switched circuit simulation for a time step of 5 μs. The MTDC system simulation with the Thévenin equivalent circuit is still accurate and 126 times faster when the time step is increased to 750 μs.

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IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery