Introduction to Cyber-Physical System Security: A Cross-Layer Perspective

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© 2017 IEEE. Cyber-physical systems (CPS) comprise the backbone of national critical infrastructures such as power grids, transportation systems, home automation systems, etc. Because cyber-physical systems are widely used in these applications, the security considerations of these systems should be of very high importance. Compromise of these systems in critical infrastructure will cause catastrophic consequences. In this paper, we will investigate the security vulnerabilities of currently deployed/implemented cyber-physical systems. Our analysis will be from a cross-layer perspective, ranging from full cyber-physical systems to the underlying hardware platforms. In addition, security solutions are introduced to aid the implementation of security countermeasures into cyber-physical systems by manufacturers. Through these solutions, we hope to alter the mindset of considering security as an afterthought in CPS development procedures.

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IEEE Transactions on Multi-Scale Computing Systems