An All-DC offshore wind farm with series-connected turbines: An alternative to the classical parallel AC model?

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In this paper, the concept of an all-dc wind park with series-connected turbines is investigated as an alternative to the classical ac parallel or radial wind park. This paper presents a literature overview of all-dc wind park concepts with series connection. A three-phase conversion system with permanent magnet machine, ac-ac converter, high-frequency transformer, and diode bridge rectifier is suggested in this paper for the series connection of dc turbines. The dc series park with the suggested conversion system is compared in terms of losses, cost, and reliability to the state-of-the-art park configuration which is the ac radial park with HVDC transmission. It is found that the dc series park becomes comparable with the ac radial design for high ratings of the dc turbines. Furthermore, the comparison shows that emphasis must be put on reducing the losses in the conversion system of the dc turbine and, particularly, the ac-ac converter. Therefore, the efficiency of the ac-ac converter is compared for three different topologies: the direct matrix converter, the indirect matrix converter, and the conventional back-to-back converter. The direct matrix converter is found to be the most efficient, suitable for the suggested conversion system. © 2012 IEEE.

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IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics