Field Optimization of High-Voltage Insulators

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A method is described for optimizing the field stress on HV insulators by modifying their profile, seeking a uniform distribution of the tangential field along the insulator surface. This results in an increase of the onset voltage for surface flashover and in a significant saving of the space of the HV installation. The optimization process was achieved by an algorithm developed for calculating the tangential field component and mathematical expressions of the profile to be corrected through an iterative procedure. The algorithm was based on a modified charge simulation technique to satisfy a better matching of the boundary conditions to the electrode and insulator surfaces involved in the HV installation. The algorithm is expanded to study the effect of contamination on the tangential field distribution. It is found that the higher the conductivity of the contamination layer, the higher is the field uniformity along the insulator surface. Copyright © 1986 by The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.

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IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications