Mathematical Modeling, Simulation and Experimental Testing of Interior-mount LSPMSM under Stator Inter-Turn Fault

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IEEE Accurate modeling is the first step in developing a model-based diagnostics tool for different types of failures in electric motors. In this paper, a mathematical model for an interior-mount line start permanent magnet synchronous motor (LSPMSM) under the stator inter-turn fault is developed based on the principles of magnetic coupled circuit theory, electromechanical energy conversion and reference frame theory. The developed mathematical model is simulated using MATLAB and experimentally validated using a 1-hp, 4-pole, 400V LSPMSM. To investigate the performance of the motor under the stator inter-turn fault at different loading levels, experimental and simulation results are compared and analyzed for both transient and steady-state responses of the current and speed. The simulation and experimental results are in very good agreement and show that under the stator inter-turn fault, the current magnitude and time response of the phase that contains the inter-turn are highly affected. In addition, due to asymmetry in the stator windings under this fault, the speed experiences some oscillations at steady state. Hence, the developed model can be used to detect the possibility and location of the stator inter-turn fault in an LSPMSM.

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IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion