Smart antenna arrays with oscillating beam patterns: Characterization of transmit diversity in semi-elliptic coverage

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By applying carefully selected time-varying delays to the array elements of a smart antenna located at the base station (BS), small oscillations are generated in the beam pattern. These oscillations create a time-varying channel demonstrating intra-symbol time variation and characterized by coherence time T C. At a single-antenna mobile station (MS), the time-varying channel (with coherence time T C) creates a time diversity which is exploited to enhance the mobile's performance (by introducing oversampling to the mobile receiver). In this work, we present a channel model which characterizes the time-varying channel that results from beam pattern oscillation. We then use our channel model to evaluate the coherence time, T C, at the mobile station (MS). The channel model presented corresponds to the so-called geometric-based stochastic channel model (GSCM), with a semi-elliptic coverage area. This geometric approach allows us to stochastically model the parameters of the time-varying channel impulse response. Simulations based on the GSCM show that 7-fold time diversity can be exploited at the MS (when beam pattern movement is small), which significantly improves the MS receiver probability-of-error performance.

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IEEE Transactions on Communications