A high-density electrode array for a cochlear prosthesis

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© 2003 IEEE. This paper reports a high-density cochlear electrode array integrated with an articulated backing device. Fabricated on a silicon substrate, the device offers stimulating sites on a pitch of 250 μm. The backing device is designed to facilitate a deeper cochlear insertion and position the sites closer to the targeted neural receptors. The device is the first step towards a high-density 128-site array integrated with closed-loop position-sensing and control. Monopolar and bipolar auditory thresholds in guinea pigs are 50 μA and 300 μA, respectively, with tissue compliance voltages at 500 μA of ∼1.0V. A 32-site four-channel active array designed as the forerunner of the 128-site array is also described.

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TRANSDUCERS 2003 - 12th International Conference on Solid-State Sensors, Actuators and Microsystems, Digest of Technical Papers