Target location estimation performance evaluation for a 2D Hybrid-MIMO Radar

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© 2017 IEEE. The Hybrid Multiple-Input Multiple-Output Phased Array Radar (HMPAR) is a notional concept that merges together the traditional Phased Array and the Multiple-Input Multiple-Output radars. The radar system that we are considering is composed of MP elements, organized intoMsub-arrays of P elements each. Initial publications focused the attention towards possible signaling strategies and achievable beampatterns. Here we assume an HMPAR driven by quasi-orthogonal signals and fanned sub-arrays. We provide a possible target estimation algorithm and evaluate its performance with respect to the CRLB. Results show that, as the SNR increases, the MSE reaches the CRLB values. Furthermore, as the HMPAR main beam size decreases (and thus more energy is focused in a smaller area), it takes less SNR for the MSE to reach the CRLB.

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2017 IEEE Radar Conference, RadarConf 2017