Electromigration-induced failure analysis of VLSI interconnection components

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© 1992 IEEE. We have carried out an analysis of the electromigration-induced failure effects in the various VLSI interconnection components using the series model of the failure mechanism. The components include a straight segment, a bend, a step, a via, a multisection interconnection and a power/ground bus. First, by considering the effects of the average flux density and the "bamboo" phenomenon on the grain boundary migration, we have reduced each interconnection component into a series-parallel combination of straight segments. Then, for each of the above mentioned components, we have investigated the dependences of the median-time-to-failure and the lognormal standard deviation of the corresponding failure distributionon the various component parameters. Results can be used for minimizing the interconnection failure due to electromigration.

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Midwest Symposium on Circuits and Systems