Evaluating Secrecy Outage of Physical Layer Security in Large-Scale MIMO Wireless Communications for Cyber-Physical Systems

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© 2017 IEEE. Large-scale multiple input multiple output (MIMO) wireless system is regarded as a solution to provide high speed connection for exponentially increasing wireless subscriptions for emerging cyber-physical systems (CPSs) and Internet of Things. In order to realize its full potential, there are several challenges to be addressed to achieve high secrecy rate or data rate. In this paper, we analyze outage probability for secrecy rate in MIMO wireless systems in the presence of eavesdroppers and jammers for CPS devices. Our proposed approach takes into account the impact of jammers while finding the best response to minimize the jamming/interfering effect (or to enhance the secrecy rate) and the impact of eavesdropper in secrecy rates of the users. We present formal analysis for secrecy outage probability and interception probability considering Rayleigh fading scenario. The performance is evaluated by using numerical results obtained from Monte Carlo simulations. Numerical results indicate that the system performance is improved significantly when the users adapt their transmit vectors based on their observed interference values. Furthermore, the secrecy outage probability increases with power of jammer and the secrecy capacity decreases when jammer power increases. We observed that the proposed approach outperforms the other existing approaches.

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IEEE Internet of Things Journal