Dynamic resource discovery for applications survivability in distributed real-time systems

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© 2003 IEEE. We propose a new resource discovery protocol, REALTOR, which is based on a combination of pull-based and push-based resource information dissemination. REALTOR has been designed for real-time component-based distributed applications in very dynamic or adverse environments. REALTOR supports survivability and information assurance by allowing the migration of components to safe locations under emergencies like external attack, malfunction, or lack of resources. Simulation studies show that under normal and heavy load conditions REALTOR remains very effective in finding available resources with a reasonably low communication overhead. REALTOR: 1) effectively locates resources under highly dynamic conditions, 2) has an overhead that is system-size independent, and 3) works well in highly adverse environments. We evaluate the effectiveness of a REALTOR implementation as part of Agile Objects, an infrastructure for real-time capable, highly mobile Java components.

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Proceedings - International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium, IPDPS 2003