The aftermath of broken links: Resilience of IoT systems from a networking perspective

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© 2018 IEEE. Internet of things (IoT) is expected to provide a fully informative and controllable environment that features networking, automation, and intelligence by interconnecting physical systems to cyber world. Such a correlation opens the interdependence between the two, upon which a single incident in one domain, e.g., a broken communication link, or an out-of-battery device, can cause a cascade-of-failures across physical and cyber domains. To understand the resilience of IoT systems against such detrimental cascades, this paper studies the aftermath of edge and jointly-induced cascades, that is, a sequence of failures induced by randomly broken physical links (and simultaneous failing cyber nodes) by answering how many nodes will survive the cascade with a newly defined node yield metric. Specifically, we construct a framework to establish self-consistent equations of node yield through an auxiliary graph, without requiring the exact network topology. Then two algorithms are proposed to numerically calculate node yield for interdependent networks with arbitrary degree distributions. For random graph with Poisson degree distributions, we prove the existence of a critical initial edge disconnecting probability Φcr, under which an edge-induced cascade will result in dissolving the network topology, derive the closed form solution for Φcr, and find that Φcr increases sub-linearly with the mean degree of the physical network.

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Proceedings - International Conference on Computer Communications and Networks, ICCCN