Guaranteed rendezvous for cognitive radio networks based on cycle length

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© 2017 IEEE. Rendezvous is a blind process establishing a communication link on common channel between a pair of nodes in the cognitive radio networks. How to reach rendezvous efficiently and effectively is still an open problem. In this work, we propose a guaranteed rendezvous algorithm for cognitive radio networks, based on the prime cycle length. When the cycle lengths of the two nodes are coprime, the rendezvous is guaranteed in Ti ∗Tj +δ time slots, where Ti is the cycle length of node i and Tj is that of node j. When Ti = Tj, combining with the deadlock checking and the binary ID of each node, each node will independently change its cycle length bit by bit, by which the rendezvous can still be guaranteed in T0i ∗ Tc + [log max{IDi, IDj}] ∗ (Ti0 ∗ Ti1 + δ) time slots under all the possible time skew δ [O, Ti), where Tc is some constant, and T0 and T1 are two prime numbers defined for Ti. We conduct simulations on three metrics to demonstrate the efficiency of the proposed method.

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2017 IEEE/CIC International Conference on Communications in China, ICCC 2017