Optimization of a Markerless Gait Analysis Application Aimed at Orthopedic Care for Developing Countries

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© 2018 IEEE. In this work, a low-budget markerless gait analysis application that is aimed at orthopedic care was built and optimized for use in developing countries and small practices. The application utilizes Microsoft Kinect to detect and track body joints and then calculates nine gait parameters that are important for performing a gait assessment. The measurements of the hip flexion/extension, hip abduction/adduction and knee flexion/extension followed the graphs of standard gait pattern. Also they were consistent and homogeneous among all ten participants. Due to the low tracking accuracy for both the ankle and the foot, measurements of ankle plantar flexion and dorsiflexion didn't follow the trajectory of the standard graph. Moreover, measurements from participants were sparsely distributed across their average value.

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2018 International Conference on Computer, Control, Electrical, and Electronics Engineering, ICCCEEE 2018