Raspberry Pi based learning center usage tracking system for optimal resource allocation

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© 2018 IEEE. The objective of this 'work-in-progress' paper is to describe a Raspberry Pi based learning center management system that assists in deciding resource allocation for a peer-instruction driven engineering tutoring center. Data gathered from the usage of the engineering tutoring center allows for cost-effective staffing through recognition of the center's usage trends. The data collected may be structured per the center administrator's requirements and presented real-time on dashboards. The flexibility of this Raspberry Pi system allows for it to be developed into a full fledged learning management system with integrated analytics as required for a particular curriculum. This system is highly cost-effective as compared a commercial web-based system. This prototype has saved approximately 12 hours a month of time, for data retrieval and analysis as compared to a previously used commercial web-based system. At the moment, this Raspberry Pi data tracking system has been installed only in a single tutoring center on-campus. Deployment of this across a university campus would allow accumulated usage trends to be examined through data analysis operations such as seasonality and trend decomposition.

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Proceedings - Frontiers in Education Conference, FIE