A novel integrated class/web-based curriculum for the course "introduction to electrical engineering for non majors": Progresses made - Lessons learned

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This paper introduces the progress made in optimizing the curriculum for the interdisciplinary service course Introduction to Electrical Engineering (EE) for non-EE majors at Michigan Technological University1. The curriculum optimizes the current 3-credit service course by clarifying the relationship between EE and non-EE fields. The paper presents the lessons learned from a pilot study of the course. Evaluation of the pilot study showed that there were problems with the specialized web-content that had a negative impact on the students taking the optimized course. Information from surveys and focus group discussions is being used to revise the curriculum. The revisions are: (a) the re-alignment of the components of the course, and in particular lectures and web content delivery; (b) the development of application-based problems in order to better bridge non-EE and EE concepts; and, (c) revising web-based materials to maintain a clear relationship between EE and non-EE concepts (without going through non-essential theoretical details). © 2007 IEEE.

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Proceedings - Frontiers in Education Conference, FIE