A simulation model of cyber threats for energy metering devices in a secondary distribution network

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This paper proposes a simulation model of cyber threats for energy meters in a secondary distribution network. The wireless communication network of the energy meters is derived from a cellular automation framework where each meter is modeled as an agent. An adversary objective of attack tree based on the device vulnerabilities is enumerated with the possible vulnerabilities of energy metering devices and communication framework. The cyber threats considered in this preliminary analysis is worm propagation. Transmission of a legitimate firmware update is then followed with simulation and analysis based on anomaly patterns, i.e., the traffic statistics of the malicious activities within the network. The mean absolute percentage error (MAPE) is employed to measure the variation of network trend based on historical patterns, where a new anomaly pattern can be determined based on erroneous discrepancies. A simulation model based on an example Singapore housing block has been made to demonstrate the impact of worm propagation and feasibility. © 2010 IEEE.

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2010 5th International Conference on Critical Infrastructure, CRIS 2010 - Proceedings