2-[(1-{[3-(dimethylazaniumyl)propyl]methylamino}ethylidene)azaniumyl] -nona-hydro-closo-deca-borate dimethyl sulfoxide disolvate

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The title compound, 2-B 10H 9NH=C(CH 3)N(CH 3)CH 2CH 2CH 2N(CH 3) 2H· 2C 2H 6OS or C8H 29B 10N3· 2C2H 6OS, is zwitterionic with the negative charge localized on the deca-borate cage and the positive charge on the terminal ammonium group. Two mol-ecules of dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) and one mol-ecule of the title compound constitute the asymmetric unit. One DMSO mol-ecule is disordered [ratio 0.739 (3):0.261 (3)]. The bonds and angles within the deca-borate cage are within the normal ranges. The amidine fragment of the ligand, which is expected to be planar, is significantly distorted from planarity as exemplified by four torsion angles [B - N - C - C = 8.4 (3), H - N - C - N = 5(2), N - C - N - C = 7.3 (3) and C - C - N - C = 14.8 (3)°] found within this portion of the mol-ecule. The crystal packing consists of head-to-tail-arranged dimers of the title mol-ecule held together by four mol-ecules of DMSO which are attached via strong N - H⋯O and weak C - H⋯O hydrogen bonds. © Getman et al. 2011.

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Acta Crystallographica Section E: Structure Reports Online