The first dinuclear cobalt complex bridged by acetyl-amidate ligands: Di-μ-acetyl-amido-κ < sup> 2 O:N;κ < sup> 2 N:O-di-μ-hydroxido-κ < sup> 4 O:O-bis-[bis-(pyridine-κN) cobalt(III)] bis-(perchlorate) acetonitrile disolvate

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The title compound, [Co2(C2H4NO) 2(OH)2(C5H5N)4](ClO 4)2·2C2H3N, consists of two octa-hedral CoIII centers arranged around an inversion point in which two cis hydroxide and two trans acetyl-amidate ligands link the two centers together, forming a dimeric cationic complex. Each CoIII center has two cis pyridine ligands which coordinate in the same plane as the cis hydroxide ligands. Two acetonitrile solvent mol-ecules and two perchlorate anions are hydrogen bonded to the H atoms on the bridging hydroxide and acetyl-amidate (N atom) ligands, respectively. © 2012 International Union of Crystallography.

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Acta Crystallographica Section C: Crystal Structure Communications