Single- and multiphoton infrared laser spectroscopy of Sb < sup> − : A Case Study

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A combination of single- and multiphoton tunable infrared laser experiments is utilized to accurately and conclusively determine the bound terms and fine structure of Sb−(5p4). The 3P2 binding energy is determined to be 8447.86(15)cm−1 (electron affinity of antimony) and the previously unobserved 3P1, 3P0 and 1D2 levels are found at 2684.37(15), 2800.8(6), and 7392.55(15)cm−1 above the 3P2 ground level, respectively. Relativistic configuration interaction calculations predict these splittings to be 2516, 2831, and 7628cm−1. Widths and shapes of resonances observed in two-photon detachment yields are modeled on the basis of calculated hyperfine structure constants. © 1997 American Physical Society.

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Physical Review Letters