Partial densities of states for silver bromide and silver iodobromide

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The valence-band photoemission of silver bromide and silver iodobromide has been measured with use of synchrotron radiation in the region of the Ag 4d Cooper minimum. The large change in ionization cross section in this region permits the determination of the individual halogen p and silver 4d partial densities of states (PDOS). The energy-distribution curves (EDCs) were recorded at liquid-nitrogen temperatures to prevent photolysis and take advantage of the significant line narrowing which occurs in the silver halides at low temperatures. The results are in good agreement with experiments using rare-gas resonance lines and with previously calculated energy-band structures. Changes in the halogen PDOS with the addition of iodide indicate that the narrowing of the band gap is due to the broadening of the uppermost antibonding halogen bands. The PDOS were calculated for pure AgBr using a nonrelativistic, self-consistent, Hartree-Fock theory and show good agreement with the experimental results. © 1990 The American Physical Society.

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Physical Review B