Heat-flux enhancement response for novel flow-boiler operations under resonant, sub-harmonic, and superharmonic imposition of vapor pulsation frequencies relative to a liquid flow-rate pulsation frequency

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This paper presents fundamental results from experimental investigations of shear/pressure-driven internal flow boiling of FC-72 in a horizontal test section of total flow channel length 1000 mm, gap height 2 mm, and width 15 mm. It compares effects of the frequencies of vapor and liquid pressure fluctuations (pulsations) on the experimentally measured heat-flux rates and heat transfer coefficients at a representative location within the flow boiler under a flow operation method in which re-circulating vapor maintains an annular flow regime over the entire length of the device. For liquid flow/pressure pulsations at 3.8–3.9 Hz, four externally imposed inlet vapor pressure fluctuation conditions were considered: (1) no externally imposed vapor pulsations and (2)–(4): high-amplitude externally imposed vapor pulsations at (2) the same, (3) half, and (4) double the inlet liquid pulsation frequency. Representative pressure differences within the flow boiler are also examined. Local time-averaged heat-flux and heat transfer coefficient responses of these flows are compared with previously published data at the same liquid pulsation frequency, but at a different inlet liquid flow rate, vapor quality, and pressure. The reported measurements, and the discussions and conclusions in this paper, enable better understanding of an established pulsation-induced heat-flux enhancement phenomenon which may be used in future cooling systems to significantly enhance average heat-flux values over the entire length of an annular flow boiler. The main conclusion is that, for the flow conditions investigated, optimal heat transfer efficiency occurs when vapor and liquid pulsations are imposed at the same frequency on the flow-boiler inlet.

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