On K-BKZ and other viscoelastic models as continuum generalizations of the classical spring-dashpot models

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An alternate constitutive formulation for visco-elastic materials, with particular emphasis on macromolecular viscoelastic fluids, is presented by generalizing Maxwell's idealized separation of elastic and relaxation mechanisms. The notion ofrelative rate of change of elastic stress is identified, abstracted, and formulated with the help of the established theory of finitely elastic isotropic materials. This given a local rate-type constitutive relation for an elastic mechanism in a simple material.

For the simplest class of viscoelastic polymer melts, the notion of rate of change of elastic stress and its damped accumulation is identified and formulated. Under conditions of moderate strain rates, this scheme implies the reliable K-BKZ model for a class of polymer melts. An obvious extension generalizes the remaining classical spring-dashpot models.

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Rheologica Acta