Linear Inverse Problems and Tikhonov Regularization

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Inverse problems occur frequently in science and technology, whenever we need to infer causes from effects that we can measure. Mathematically, they are difficult problems because they are unstable: small bits of noise in the measurement can completely throw off the solution. Nevertheless, there are methods for finding good approximate solutions.

Linear Inverse Problems and Tikhonov Regularization examines one such method: Tikhonov regularization for linear inverse problems defined on Hilbert spaces. This is a clear example of the power of applying deep mathematical theory to solve practical problems.

Beginning with a basic analysis of Tikhonov regularization, this book introduces the singular value expansion for compact operators, and uses it to explain why and how the method works. Tikhonov regularization with seminorms is also analyzed, which requires introducing densely defined unbounded operators and their basic properties. Some of the relevant background is included in appendices, making the book accessible to a wide range of readers.