Advances in catalytic conversion of methane and carbon dioxide to highly valuable products

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Two typical processes have been developed for the conversion of methane and carbon dioxide to higher valuable products: dry reforming of methane (DRM) and CO2‐oxidative coupling of methane (CO2‐OCM). Numerous articles reviewed progresses in either DRM or CO2‐OCM, but no one covers both processes. In this review article, we systematically evaluated progresses in both DRM and CO2‐OCM processes for conversion of methane and CO2 to highly valuable products. Critical issues, which are carbon deposition and high energy cost for DRM and the contradiction between large activity and high selectivity for CO2‐OCM, were emphasized. Strategies to develop effective catalysts were evaluated, including the enhancement of metal‐support interactions, the introduction of promotors, the formation of solid solutions, and the construction of core‐shell structures. Plasma and photocatalysis were discussed as new promising technologies for DRM and CO2‐OCM.

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