Precipitation hardening of supersaturated Al–Sc–Zr produced via melt-spinning

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Al–Sc–Zr alloys have the potential for elevated-temperature strength resulting from thermally-stable L12 precipitates. However, low solubilities of Sc and Zr limit precipitate volume fractions, enabling dislocation bypass via climb. One method to increase precipitate volume fraction involves using rapid cooling techniques to increase supersaturation. Rapid cooling utilizing melt spinning (107 k/s) can increase solute supersaturation by a factor of ~8 from Al–0.06Sc–0.06Zr at.% to Al–0.5Sc–0.4Zr at.%. Melt-spun ribbon underwent isochronal heat treatment. The ambient temperature hardness of peak-aged ribbon increased over the aged Al–0.06Sc–0.06Zr at.% by 450 MPa (67%).

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