The diffusion coefficient of scandium in dilute aluminum-scandium alloys

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The diffusion coefficient of Sc in dilute Al-Sc alloys has been determined at 748 K, 823 K, and 898 K (475 °C, 550 °C, and 625 °C, respectively) using semi-infinite diffusion couples. Good agreement was found between the results of the present study and both the higher temperature, direct measurements and lower temperature, indirect measurements of these coefficients reported previously in the literature. The temperature-dependent diffusion coefficient equation derived from the data obtained in the present investigation was found to be D(m2/s)=(2.34±2.16)*10-4(m2/s)exp((-(167±6)(kJ/mol))/RT). Combining these results with data from the literature and fitting all data simultaneously to an Arrhenius relationship yielded the expression D(m2/s)=(2.34±0.84)*10-4(m2/s)exp((-(167±2)(kJ/mol))/RT). In each equation given above, R is 0.0083144 kJ/mol K, T is in Kelvin, and the uncertainties are ±1 standard error.

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Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A