Explore a selection of works produced by faculty and staff of the Pavlis Honors College below.


Events from 2018


4B1: Recalling the Trenches from the Club Window: Contrasting Perspectives in Dorothy Sayers and P.G. Wodehouse, Laura Fiss

Submissions from 2016


The mapping of contingencies in mental models found in organizations, Sonia Goltz and Darnishia L. Slade


Clubs for the unclubbable: Humor and literary sociability, Laura Kasson Fiss


Tempo-Fit heart rate app: Using heart rate Sonification as exercise performance feedback, Steven Landry, Yuanjing Sun, Darnishia L. Slade, and Myounghoon Jeon

Submissions from 2013


Nanotech innovations enterprise at Michigan Technological University, John A. Jaszczak, Echoe M. Bouta, and Mary Raber

Submissions from 2010


Hydrologic processes at Bering Glacier, Alaska, Edward G. Josberger, Robert Shuchman, Guy Meadows, Liza K. Jenkins, and Lorelle A. Meadows

Submissions from 2008

Nanotech Innovations: Nanotechnology Enterprise at Michigan Technological University., John A. Jaszczak, Mary Raber, Michael Bennett, Nasser Alaraje, and Paul Bergstrom