Volcanism by H-U Schminke (a review)

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Volcanology is a scientific field marked with spectacular direct observations. This book comes from a lifetime of volcanological field experience all over the world from a leading professor of volcanology who lectures to students regularly and who explains thoroughly and well. The book is based on the author’s lecture materials, and Schminke convinced the publishers to use full-color, high-quality illustrations on every page (except the references and index pages). These figures make this volume exceptionally valuable to students and instructors. The photographs, historic figures, and charts and figures, redrafted in color from published science articles, are done thoughtfully and carefully and will be very widely used. They are the essence of the book because they transmit its content richly. The book consists of 15 chapters that cover a scope similar to that of other volcanology textbooks. It is written for anyone with a basic science background and would be appropriate as a text for an upperlevel college class in volcanology. Field photographs are very carefully selected, so that even for famous sites that are frequently visited, Schminke’s selected pictures may be the best yet published. The chapters about physical volcanology are especially strikingly illustrated, and photomicrographs throughout are also excellent. Every volcanologist will be pleased. The book communicates volcanology well. It could attract newcomers to this highly interdisciplinary field because the illustrations show brilliantly and clearly observations where creative science input is needed. The price is low in view of the 396 color illustrations. I particularly recommend this volume to those who wish to experience or visualize volcanology.

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