Rapid, high-quality major and trace element analysis of powdered rock by X-ray fluorescence spectrometry

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Rapid and high-quality major and trace element data can be obtained by automated x-ray fluorescence (XRF) analysis of pressed rock powder pellets. The sample preparation procedure is simple, quick and can be done well with minimal supervision. Analysis of the rock pellet for 22 elements requires about 1 h of machine time. The system is calibrated by use of multiple international rock standards and employs a ratio standard for all measurements. Most calibrations are simple linear fits between intensity and concentration. The precision of the major element results are generally better than ±1% of the amount determined, whereas the trace element precisions are generally less than 5%, except when the value determined is close to the detection limit. Accuracies are comparable to those of other published XRF rock analysis procedures.

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X-Ray Spectrometry