Image content analysis of US natural resources-related professional society websites with respect to gender and racial/ethnic diversity

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In 2018, a web image content analysis was conducted to assess the perceived gender and race/ethnicity diversity and representativeness of 11 natural resources-related, professional society websites. Results highlight the lack of inclusivity of women and minorities in images most frequently seen at the top of these organizations’ home webpages. More gender and race/ethnicity diversity is present on the main landing page or home page for these organizations, but much less diversity is found on other webpages within the websites. Women and minorities are also less likely to be portrayed in images in the field, or actively engaging with natural resources (more likely to be included in posed, passive images indoors). Representative diversity in images is important to influence the perceived fit and consequential decisionmaking for potential students and professionals entering natural resource-related fields.

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Journal of Forestry