Date of Award


Document Type

Master's report

Degree Name

Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering (MS)

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Department of Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics


Gregory M. Odegard


The purpose of this study is to computationally model and analyze the vehicle frame which is mounted with a non-conventional, non-cylindrical compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel tank. Integration of this tank in the vehicle underbody will resolve the issue of reduced storage space which is observed in a conventional CNG powered vehicle. This research will ultimately result in making CNG a good alternative to gasoline and reducing the increasing dependency on a single fuel. This tank will be developed in two phases: phase I design of the tank will be a standard rectangular outer box shape with Schwarz P-surface inner structure and phase II will be a complex and conformable shaped tank. This study will only include phase I tanks and the only load case considered is a simple linear static case. Modifications are made to the vehicle frame using a computer aided design (CAD) software in order to accommodate the tank. The results obtained from the finite element analysis of the frame support the design modifications made to the frame and shows the ability of the frame to handle a heavier tank.