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Master's Thesis

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Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering


Wayne W. Weaver


Time-optimal response is an important and sometimes necessary characteristic of dynamic systems for specific applications. Power converters are widely used in different electrical systems and their dynamic response will affect the whole system. In many electrical systems like microgrids or voltage regulators which supplies sensitive loads fast dynamic response is a must. Minimum time is the fastest converter to compensate the step output reference or load change. Boost converters as one of the wildly used power converters in the electrical systems are aimed to be controlled in optimal time in this study. Linear controllers are not able to provide the optimal response for a boost converter however they are still useful and functional for other applications like reference tracking or stabilization. To obtain the fastest possible response from boost converters, a nonlinear control approach based on the total energy of the system is studied in this research. Total energy of the system considers as the basis for developing the presented method, since it is easy and accurate to measure besides that the total energy of the system represents the actual operating condition of the boost converter. The detailed model of a boost converter is simulated in MATLAB/Simulink to achieve the time optimal response of the boost converter by applying the developed method. The simulation results confirmed the ability of the presented method to secure the time optimal response of the boost converter under four different scenarios.