Date of Award


Document Type

Master's Thesis

Degree Name

Master of Science in Medical Informatics (MS)

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School of Technology


Jinshan Tang


In this thesis, an image enhancement application is developed for low-vision patients when they use iPhones to see images/watch videos. The thesis has two contributions. The first contribution is the new image enhancement algorithm which combines human vision features. The new image enhancement algorithm is modified from a wavelet transform based image enhancement algorithm developed by Dr. Jinshan Tang. Different from the original algorithm, the new image enhancement algorithm combines human visual feature into the algorithm and thus can make the new algorithm more effective. Experimental simulation results show that the proposed algorithm has better visual results than the algorithm without combining visual features. The second contribution of this thesis is the development of a mobile image enhancement application. In this application, users with low-vision can see clearer images on an iPhone which is installed with the application I have developed.

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Radiology Commons