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Doctor of Philosophy in Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics (PhD)

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Department of Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics


Lyon B. King


An electrospray source has been developed using a novel new fluid that is both magnetic and conductive. Unlike conventional electrospray sources that required microfabricated structures to support the fluid to be electrosprayed, this new electrospray fluid utilizes the Rosensweig instability to create the structures in the magnetic fluid when an external magnetic field was applied. Application of an external electric field caused these magnetic fluid structures to spray. These fluid based structures were found to spray at a lower onset voltage than was predicted for electrospray sources with solid structures of similar geometry. These fluid based structures were also found to be resilient to damage, unlike the solid structures found in traditional electrospray sources. Further, experimental studies of magnetic fluids in non-uniform magnetic fields were conducted. The modes of Rosensweig instabilities have been studied in-depth when created by uniform magnetic fields, but little to no studies have been performed on Rosensweig instabilities formed due to non-uniform magnetic fields. The measured spacing of the cone-like structures of ferrofluid, in a non-uniform magnetic field, were found to agree with a proposed theoretical model.