Date of Award


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Master's report

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Master of Science in Forest Ecology and Management (MS)

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School of Forest Resources and Environmental Science


Blair Orr


This report is a study of the development and implementation of a biomass fuel briquette and improved stove project in the highlands of Ethiopia. The primary goal of the project was to determine if the introduction of an improved stove would affect the acceptability of fuel briquettes. The secondary goal was to establish briquette and improved stove manufacturing associations in Dinsho and Rira towns. Two problems encountered during the project were cultural differences in material valuation, and difficulty working with local administrative frameworks and multi-organization communication difficulties. Both briquettes and improved stoves received positive feedback from respondents. Survey data indicated that a price of 0.75 Ethiopian birr per briquette would make them a competitive fuel source against fuelwood. Recommendations for feedstock sourcing and supply, capital investment, labor reduction, estimating cost effectiveness, appropriate technology design, development work setbacks, and valuation paradigms for fuel briquette, improved stove, and development work projects.