Performance and emissions testing of a small two stroke engine using mid-level ethanol blends

Ananth Padmanabha Rao Vemuri



With the introduction of the mid-level ethanol blend gasoline fuel for commercial sale, the compatibility of different off-road engines is needed. This report details the test study of using one mid-level ethanol fuel in a two stroke hand held gasoline engine used to power line trimmers. The study sponsored by E3 is to test the effectiveness of an aftermarket spark plug from E3 Spark Plug when using a mid-level ethanol blend gasoline. A 15% ethanol by volume (E15) is the test mid-level ethanol used and the 10% ethanol by volume (E10) was used as the baseline fuel.

The testing comprises running the engine at different load points and throttle positions to evaluate the cylinder head temperature, exhaust temperature and engine speed. Raw gas emissions were also measured to determine the impact of the performance spark plug.

The low calorific value of the E15 fuel decreased the speed of the engine along with reduction in the fuel consumption and exhaust gas temperature. The HC emissions for E15 fuel and E3 spark plug increased when compared to the base line in most of the cases and NO formation was dependent on the cylinder head temperature. The E3 spark plug had a tendency to increase the temperature of the cylinder head irrespective of fuel type while reducing engine speed.