Plackett and Burman analysis to select effective compiler optimizations

Dustin Larson



Compiler optimizations help to make code run faster at runtime. When the compilation is done before the program is run, compilation time is less of an issue, but how do on-the-fly compilation and optimization impact the overall runtime? If the compiler must compete with the running application for resources, the running application will take more time to complete.

This paper investigates the impact of specific compiler optimizations on the overall runtime of an application. A foldover Plackett and Burman design is used to choose compiler optimizations that appear to contribute to shorter overall runtimes. These selected optimizations are compared with the default optimization levels in the Jikes RVM. This method selects optimizations that result in a shorter overall runtime than the default O0, O1, and O2 levels. This shows that careful selection of compiler optimizations can have a significant, positive impact on overall runtime.