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Open Access Master's Report

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Master of Science in Applied Science Education (MS)

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Department of Cognitive and Learning Sciences

Advisor 1

Shari Stockero

Committee Member 1

Kari Henquinet

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Amy Lark


Much research has been conducted on struggles related to female retention rates in schools in Africa. Yet, it was observed that boys are not completing their education, as well, in the region of Sabie, Mozambique. Utilizing semi-structured interviews, this study focused on the challenges that boys face in Sabie that cause them to stop their education, as well as investigated where they go instead of attending school. This qualitative study with six non-student participants from the community, six current students and five drop outs, indicated that boys mainly drop out due to financial problems. Results also indicated that when they quit school they find a variety of ways to make money, including poaching rhino horn, working in South Africa and working for local businesses and farms. It is important that boys stay in school, since it has been shown that education helps advance the economy of any country (Solberg, 2015). The results suggest that by improving conditions in the area, and creating more job opportunities that respect a good education, boys might stay in school longer and uplift not only the village, but also the whole country.