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Open Access Dissertation

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Doctor of Philosophy in Environmental Engineering (PhD)

Administrative Home Department

College of Forest Resources and Environmental Science

Advisor 1

Paul V. Doskey

Committee Member 1

Erik A. Lilleskov

Committee Member 2

Evan S. Kane

Committee Member 3

Daisuke Minakata


Variations in climate may rapidly change the carbon balance of peatlands and increase greenhouse gas emissions through accelerated decomposition of peat and dissolved organic matter (DOM). In this study, porewater samples were collected monthly from May to October in 2017 to study the effects of plant functional groups (PFGs) on DOM, dissolved inorganic and organic nitrogen through the season in a poor fen with replicate plots dominated by different PFGs in Nestoria, Michigan, USA (46.34˚N 88.16˚W). The composition of the peat porewater showed strong statistical significance with plot type and season.The observed PFG and season impact on the composition of DOM will offer great guidance for the prediction of the DOM decomposition in peatland with respect to climate change.