Date of Award


Document Type

Open Access Master's Report

Degree Name

Master of Science in Medical Informatics (MS)

Administrative Home Department

School of Technology

Advisor 1

Guy Hembroff

Committee Member 1

Donald Peck

Committee Member 2

Eugene Levin


This concept paper establishes the framework for additional research regarding how medical records are stored and shared. Health Information Technology is rapidly developing, and one large barrier to true interoperability is data silos. This integrated service model proposes using Health Record Banks (HRB) to store and share data, while using open source applications to limit costs and create opportunities for the consumer to be at the center of their own medical records. This includes the authorization phase, in which patients will be able to seamlessly allow access to their records for clinicians they choose. This conceptual framework includes using eXist data base, PHP servers, applications, and testing mobile health apps using Ionic framework to transmit patient data in between multiple organizations using both FHIR and C-CDA standards. If this framework is used to its potential, there could be significant increases in transition of care, personalized medicine, and population health management, which will ultimately lead to better health outcomes for the population. Furthermore, this framework was designed to work on the back end of existing EHR’s, so there would not be additional data entry for clinical or administrative staff. The use of public libraries was also examined as a means of accessibility for those who did not have smart phones or personal computers.