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Open Access Dissertation

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Doctor of Philosophy in Rhetoric, Theory and Culture (PhD)

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Department of Humanities

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Diane Shoos

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Elizabeth Flynn

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Karla Kitalong

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Ira Allen


“A Pedagogy of Witnessing: Linguistic and Visual Frames of the Dark Side in the Multimodal Classroom,” focuses on the theoretical and practical benefits of implementing written, oral, and visual testimonies from traumatic history as a tool for teaching the importance of empathetic and ethical composition practices. Specifically, this dissertation provides resource material for a critical pedagogical model that supports “responsible witnessing” through short writing assignments and a final research project that analyze selected narratives, historical accounts, images, and films spanning World War II and the Vietnam War to more recent global events. My hope is that my work will be of interest to teachers of composition and communication and students who wish to bring approaches to understanding and responding to human and nonhuman suffering as well as social injustice into the classroom.

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