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Open Access Master's Report

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Master of Science in Forest Ecology and Management (MS)

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College of Forest Resources and Environmental Science

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Andrew J. Storer

Advisor 2

Tara L. Bal

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Thomas Werner


Agrilus planipennis, Fairmaire (Order Coleoptera: Family Burprestidae), an invasive insect to North America has caused mortality and decline of millions of Fraxinus trees since its discovery in 2002. A study to evaluate purple prism trap effectiveness in low-to-moderate beetle densities in relation to road proximity and basal area of Fraxinus species was conducted in northern Michigan in 2013 and 2014. Transects of traps were established at set distances from roads during A. planipennis flight season. Analysis indicated a significant relationship between road proximity and trap effectiveness, with traps established on the road edge out-performing traps established in the forest interior. As early detection is critical to slowing the spread of this invasive pest, using this method in conjunction with the national detection survey may reduce the time between beetle establishment, detection, and management.