Interim Department Chair: Glen E. Archer, Ph.D

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering has been a world leader in providing quality education since 1928. The department's mission is threefold, aimed at not only students, faculty, and industry, but also the community on a local and national level: Preparing students for careers in industry, academia, or government by fostering in them the technical capabilities and interpersonal skills necessary to succeeding in their fields, as well as the foundation for lifelong learning; leading the way in electrical- and computer-engineering-based research and other scholarly activities; and providing technical leadership, guidance, and support to industry, the local and national governments, and the general public.

Research opportunities are not limited to faculty and graduate students; undergraduates work alongside many faculty members. Student-led Enterprises and Senior Design groups, under the guidance of faculty members, are always seeking opportunities from industry to collaborate on research and projects.


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