Two Events, One Experience

100 years ago, our nation was rocked by incidents that shook our community to its core. Labor challenged management, neighbor fought neighbor, and children died. Finnish immigrants played a major role in the strike at the heart of this turmoil, and have continued to be a major influence in the community today. Thus, it was only natural that the two events investigating these themes be brought together to form a unified experience.

On April 12, 2014, scholars from around the world gathered to commemorate the end of the 1913-1914 Copper Miners' Strike, its impact on the community, and its ongoing repercussions. Proceedings for Retrospection & Respect: the 1913-1914 Mining/Labor Strike Symposium are available below.

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Proceedings: Retrospection & Respect: 1913-1914 Mining/Labor Strike Symposium of 2014
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