The ecological AUI (Auditory User Interface) design and evaluation of user acceptance for various tasks on smartphones

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With the rapid development of the touch screen technology, some usability issues of smartphones have been reported [1]. To tackle those user experience issues, there has been research on the use of non-speech sounds on the mobile devices [e.g., 2, 3-7]. However, most of them have focused on a single specific task of the device. Given the varying functions of the smartphone, the present study designed plausibly integrated auditory cues for diverse functions and evaluated user acceptance levels from the ecological interface design perspective. Results showed that sophisticated auditory design could change users’ preference and acceptance of the interface and the extent depended on usage contexts. Overall, participants gave significantly higher scores on the functional satisfaction and the fun scales in the sonically-enhanced smartphones than in the no-sound condition. The balanced sound design may free users from auditory pollution and allow them to use their devices more pleasantly.

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International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction